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Attention to detail: Joe Cardile wins defense verdict in favor of insureds in automobile accident case.

On October 18, 2017, following a half-day bench trial which took place in the District Court for Baltimore County, TT&H Attorney Joe Cardile won a defense verdict in an automobile accident case.  Mr. Cardile represented a security business that specializes in different forms of electronic and communications systems security, as well as its Service and Install Technician who was operating the insured’s van when it collided with a passing vehicle on a winding road.  The plaintiff filed suit alleging negligence on the part of the driver and vicarious liability on the part of his employer.  The Plaintiff’s counsel utilized a civil engineering expert from Johns Hopkins University to testify as to the size of the road and surrounding conditions in order to establish that the defendant driver had ample room to navigate the road without impacting the plaintiff’s vehicle.  However, Mr. Cardile successfully argued that the plaintiff failed to establish the identity of the driver of the defendant’s vehicle.  The Court granted Mr. Cardile’s Motion for judgment and dismissed the plaintiff’s case.

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S. Joseph Cardile


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